The whole of Mother Teresa's life and labor of love bore witness to the joy of loving, the greatness and dignity of every human person, the value of little things done faithfully and with love, and the surpassing worth of friendship with God. 

On March 5, 1992 Mother Teresa opened a contemplative house of prayer adjacent to St. Jude Shrine of the West.   

On June 9, 1996 Mother Teresa attended Sunday Mass at St. Jude Shrine of the West. This was a significant event in the life of our parish community.  A granite stone was placed in honor of her visit on the outdoor monument of Saint Jude. 

Missionaries of Charity

On September 4, 2016  Pope Francis canonized Mother Teresa.  That same day there was a Mass celebrated by Most Rev. Robert W. McElroy to place a relic of St. Teresa of Calcutta in St. Jude Shrine of the West.  A statue was also placed alongside the relic on the west entrance doorway.  St. Teresa used this doorway to attend Mass 20 years earlier. 


On December 12, 2016  construction of new Chapel and facilities was completed.  Most Rev. Robert H. Brom blessed the new buildings.


We are grateful and blessed to have the Missionaries of Charity in the parish community to carry on the work of Mother Teresa. The Missionaries of Charity are active participants in the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament at St. Jude Shrine of the West during the week.  They welcome visitors to their chapel for prayer and adoration as well.


Missionaries of Charity
Contemplative House
3877 Boston Ave.
San Diego, CA 92113
(619) 263-9566

Prayer to St. Teresa of Calcutta 


God, our loving Father,

You have given us a beautiful example of love in action trough your daughter Mother Teresa. In her life she showed us how to follow Jesus by loving and serving others. She joyfully fed the hungry, railed for the poor and unwanted, cared for the sick and dying, and sheltered the homeless. May we imitate her love and generosity by reaching out to your needy ones. Thank You for the gift of Mother Teresa. Grant us your grace through her intercession on earth and in heaven. Amen.

Oración a la Madre Teresa


Dios, nuestro Padre amado, 

Tu nos has dado el más bonito ejemplo de amor a través de Tu hija la Madre Teresa. Durante su vida, ella nos enseño como seguir los pasos de Jesús, por medio del amor y servicio a otros. Ella gratamente dio de comer al hambriento, intercedió por los pobres y desamparados, cuido a los enfermos y moribundos, y protegió a los indefensos sin hogar. Ayúdanos a imitar su amor y generosidad a través de llegar a los necesitados. Gracias por darnos el regalo de Madre Teresa. Concedemos Tu divina gracia mediante su intercesión aquí en la tierra como en el cielo. Amen.